AMD splits GPU and CPU divisions, creates 'Radeon Technologies Group'

It hasn't been a great year for AMD, what with the company losing three senior executives following a shake up of top-level management, and layoffs ordered by the newly appointed Chief Executive Lisa Su to revamp the organization - and then came the news of a further tumble in GPU marketshare just a few weeks ago.

However, the company has now announced that it is breaking up its GPU and CPU divisions, with the former now falling under a newly created business unit within AMD, called the 'Radeon Technologies Group' which will dedicate itself to GPU development. The company has also appointed industry veteran Raja Koduri to head the division as it looks into expanding its reach into VR and AR markets.

AMD said of the move that it will allow the respective divisions to better focus on what it does, and will hope to regain some of that falling market share, which more than halved in the span of 12 months from 38% to just 18%, although Direct 12 benchmarks have reportedly given fans some hope.

AMD also said it hopes to take a lead in developing virtual and augment reality devices, as it will once again lock horns with rival NVIDIA, although it isn't immediately known what it plans to do in the sector.

AMD has long been hailed as a company that offers better value and more 'bang for your buck' over the more expensive rival options, and this move will no doubt be seen as a clear indication to regain lost ground in the market - on more than one front.

Source AMD via Lowyat

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