An adventure in space and time: BBC Worldwide launches a Doctor Who game bot on Skype

Microsoft and BBC Worldwide today announced Doctor Who: The Saviour of Time, a game bot that's now available on Skype. Now, you can munch on Jelly Babies, fish fingers and custard, bananas, and Jammie Dodgers while going on your own adventure in space and time from the comfort of your own device.

Alongside the 12th Doctor, Bill, and Nardole, you'll have to find six different pieces of the Key of Time, "an ancient and powerful artifact that could decide the fate of the universe."

The pieces are set up as six different levels, the first of which is available now. The rest of them will be released over the coming weeks.

But along with the new game, there are five new Doctor Who-themed Mojis that coincide with the new season of the show. Two of them feature the new companion Bill, two are Nardole, and of course, there's one with The Doctor himself.

You can check out Doctor Who: The Saviour of Time by going to the bots section of Skype and searching for 'doctor who', although right now it's the top listing.


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