An unofficial solution brings streaming of PlayStation 4 games to Windows PC

Currently, Sony's 'Remote Play' is heavily limited in that it can only be played on a PS Vita, PlayStation TV or Xperia smartphone. That's about to change, as an unofficial solution will soon be available for those that are interested in streaming their PlayStation 4 games to a Windows PC.

'Remote Play PC' is an unofficial app that will be released by a developer going by the name of 'Twisted'. Unlike his Android app that was available for free, the PC port will be a paid app that will likely be priced at £6.50/$10. As is the case with any unofficial app, there is a high chance that Sony could pull the plug on the project at any time. That means that even though you pay for it, you may not be able to fully reap the benefits of your purchase.

To see the app in action, be sure to check out the above video and others on the channel. 'Remote Play PC' should become available sometime today and will be available through the 'Twisted' source link below.

Source: Twisted via Kotaku

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