Android 5.0 concept goes for minimal design and hidden widgets

The upcoming Android update, Jellybean version 4.3, isn’t expected to bring any major changes to Google’s mobile OS so naturally, folks are looking towards the 5.0 version, Key Lime Pie, to bring a breath of fresh air in the Android world.

While there’s no date in sight for the release of Key Lime Pie, nor do we have any clear indication of what the update will bring feature-wise, that hasn’t stopped talented people from creating awesome design concepts of what Android 5.0 might look like.

The images seen here come via Jinesh Shah on Google+, a graphic artist that has a minimalist and beautiful vision for the future of his favourite OS. They show a very clean design approach, minimalism becoming something of a trend in mobile operating systems recently.

According to this concept the Home Screen would be updated with highly functional “hidden” widgets. These would only show up when the user does a customizable gesture, without taking any space on the home-screen while they’re not in use.

The Lock Screen also gets a highly functional makeover with important info being displayed via an improved Google Now widget.

Unfortunately this is only a concept and even though it looks beautiful and brings some really good ideas to the table, there’s little chance that Google will actually pay attention. Folks will just have to wait and see until Google decides to show what it has up its sleeve for Android 5.0.

Via: Droid-Life | Images via Jinesh Shah

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