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Android Market now features music; we go hands on

Not only has Google announced that Google Music is available for all in the US, they've put up the shiny new marketplace. It's nothing short of impressive, and is stocked to the brim with great music already. Pictured below is what you'll be greeted with when you visit the Android music market now.

It'll cost just $10.00 for the Florence album through the marketplace, and it features most of the current biggest music out there. 

As advertised, you can share straight from Google Music to Google+, and it even styles it in the same design as the web service. You can view and try our example post here.

Buying an album is simple, and requires you to be signed into the account you want to use with your other devices. Hitting "continue" will bill your default credit card (or, not if it's free) and add it straight to your library. You must have a credit card to get free songs, by the way.

The service uses Google Wallet to authenticate your purchases, and automatically adds it to your library online, as well as offering to let you download the MP3 after purchase.

Google's really pushing the free music component of the service hard, offering some large names such as Shakira and Pearl Jam for free from day one.

There's a bad side to every coin though, and that's still going to be content in this instance. In our brief travels on the marketplace, we found a bunch of albums incomplete. For example, Mylo Xyloto by Coldplay is listed with only three tracks as a "full album" for $4.99. We can't figure that one out.

In our brief look at the service we fell in love pretty quickly; it's better than using iTunes, that's for sure. But can it stand up in a industry that's already overcrowded? Only time will tell.

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