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Another source claims iPhone 7 will be without headphone jack

The next iPhone has a lot of buzz surrounding it. If the reports are true, the next iteration of Apple's popular smartphone will include a bigger battery and additional storage capacity. Those improvements might be key for keeping positive news circulating over the next iPhone after the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus have seen production cuts as a result of weak sales. But perhaps the biggest news surrounding the next iPhone isn't over what it could have, but what it could not have.

It's becoming more likely that the iPhone 7 is not going to include the mainstream 3.5mm jack - the same jack that you use for your headphones, inline mics, speakers, etc. The possibility of this major omission first broke back in November and has been now been reinforced through another unnamed source. The headphone jack would be erased and all connected devices requiring the 3.5mm jack would have to have a Lightning adapter to plug in.

With the next iPhone likely another eight months away from being announced, we are forced to take these reports with some skepticism. Apple won't talk about any of its plans this far ahead, but it's clear to see that killing off the 3.5mm jack would allow for the iPhone to be slimmer, possibly waterproof and offer more space for other components to grow (like a battery). This new source is sworn to be rock-solid and is adamant that the next iPhone is doing away with headphone jack. If so, how are iPhone owners going to feel about being forced to purchase an adapter to connect things like headphones, speakers and car stereos?

Source: Fast Company

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