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Another surprise could be awaiting with AMD Ryzen 9000 in the form of new X870 AM5 boards

A picture showing an AMD Ryzen 7000 processor inside the AM5 socket
Image via AMD

It looks like AMD's upcoming Ryzen 9000 series processors, powered by Zen 5 architecture, will be full of quite a few surprises. The biggest one of them is the apparent lack of support the chips have for Windows 10 according to a supposed Lenovo manager.

The Ryzen 9000 naming itself is a bit surprising considering the 8000 series desktop CPU nomenclature is now held solely by the G-series APUs only with much of it going to mobile SKUs. That's not all though as AMD is seemingly looking to rename Strix Point APUs from 8050 series to "Ryzen AI HX" potentially looking to capitalize on the AI hype and buzz surrounding almost everything nowadays. If you recall, AMD made a big deal about its Ryzen 8000G APUs as they had the "world's first NPU in desktop processors."

The third surprise is allegedly heading our way at Computex 2024 as AMD will be unveiling new 800 series chipset boards that will socket the Ryzen 9000 series processors. The rumour has surfaced from Chinese news outlet Benchlife which has in the past provided credible leaks and it claims it has to do with matching with Intel's chipset naming.

In a news article surrounding a newly released Gigabyte B650E motherboard, the site has added that 800 series board for upcoming 9000 series CPUs "has been confirmed". It writes (Google-translated to English):

GIGABYTE is clearly ready for AMD's next generation Ryzen processors.

Obviously, we can expect various motherboard manufacturers to display AMD and Intel 800 series chip motherboards at Computex 2024; it has been confirmed that the chips used with AMD Ryzen 9000 will be called the 800 series, the same as Intel.

If this turns out to be true, it will mean AMD is going to skip a digit for the first time in its chipset naming. The company started the AM5 (LGA1718) socket with its 600 series boards and it had stuck with this naming since 300-series back when AM4 was launched alongside Zen 1.

Speaking of the 300-series, it is believed AMD started with that number as it wanted to one-up Intel since at that time, Team Blue had 200 series chipsets. So, the rumour certainly seems plausible.

One thing that is not surprising about this news is the timing as we have already had evidence about upcoming AMD boards from chipset driver support that was added recently in April.

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