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Future iPads could feature landscape Apple logo on the back

Apple logo on iPad Air

According to a fresh report by the French website Numerama, Apple may be eyeing one important change in future iPads. In an interview with three Apple employees regarding the recently launched iPad Pro models, one important detail regarding the Apple logo was revealed.

The current generation of Apple iPads comes with an Apple logo positioned in such a way that it appears upright and vertical when the iPad is used in portrait orientation. However, iPads are often used in landscape orientation, especially with a keyboard attached.

This makes the Apple logo appear on its side, not fitting in with the aesthetics. According to one Apple employee, Apple may change the orientation of the Apple logo to landscape on future iPads. In a direct French translation, Apple employee Anderson, when asked about the landscape Apple logo, said, "I think it could change. We are thinking about it. The iPad has long been a product that is used in portrait mode, but we are using it more and more in landscape mode."

Apple has already moved the front camera to the longer right-side edge of the new iPad Pro and iPad Air models. This makes the front camera appear in the center when the iPad is used in landscape orientation with a keyboard.

Moreover, on the software side as well, Apple has shifted the Apple logo that shows up when you boot an iPad in landscape position instead of vertical position, starting with iPadOS 14.5, but only when a keyboard is connected. Now, according to Apple employees, Apple may be flexible on changing the Apple logo position on the hardware side as well.

Earlier, it was reported that repeat iPad buyers trust their old iPads and don't sell them as often. However, the new iPad Pro, which is currently the Geekbench single-core performance king, has tempted many to consider replacing their old iPads with a shiny new one.

Source: Numerama

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