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Anthropic releases Claude 3 Haiku for Claude Pro subscribers

A Claude 3 Haiku graphic

Anthropic, the company behind the Claude generative AI, has released Claude 3 Haiku, its most affordable model. It is now available in the Claude API alongside Claude 3 Sonnet and Opus and on claude.ai for Claude Pro subscribers.

The Claude 3 series consists of Opus which is the most powerful variant, Sonnet which is the middle-of-the-road variant, and Haiku which is the least powerful variant. Opus and Haiku both require payment to use but Sonnet is free on claude.ai.

As a fast and affordable model, Haiku is obviously not the smartest of the three Claude 3 variants, in fact, it’s the least powerful. With that said, benchmarks released by Anthropic show that it is generally a more capable model than GPT-3.5 and Gemini 1.0 Pro.

Claude 3 Haiku benchmarks

Haiku has a 1:5 pricing model according to Anthropic with input costing $0.25 and output costing $1.25 compared to GPT-3.5’s $0.50/$1.50 and Gemini 1.0 Pro’s $0.47/$1.42. Expanding on its pricing setup, Anthropic said:

“Haiku's pricing model, with a 1:5 input-to-output token ratio, was designed for enterprise workloads which often involve longer prompts. Businesses can rely on Haiku to quickly analyze large volumes of documents, such as quarterly filings, contracts, or legal cases, for half the cost of other models in its performance tier. For instance, Claude 3 Haiku can process and analyze 400 Supreme Court cases or 2,500 images for just one US dollar.”

As a tool aimed at businesses, Anthropic wants to ensure the safety of Claude 3 Haiku’s responses to customers. It said that it performs rigorous testing to reduce the chances of harmful outputs and jailbreaks.

Other defense layers Anthropic uses include continuous systems monitoring, endpoint hardening, secure coding practices, strong data encryption protocols, and stringent access control to ensure the protection of sensitive data. It also works with penetration testers to find vulnerabilities and conducts regular security audits.

Anthropic said that Haiku is now available via its API, on claude.ai for subscribers, on Amazon Bedrock, and will soon be available on Google Cloud Vertex AI.

Source: Anthropic

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