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AppDreamr taking Windows Phone app ideas and suggestions

Making an app for a mobile OS is a possibility for huge publicity, but at the same time, it also requires an idea to do so. It is probable that many potential developers have been stopped by the first barrier they encounter, since many ideas are covered more than once per operating system. There are numerous different Android applications for accessing Twitter, as there are on iOS and Windows Phone, and it can dissuade a developer to be just another one in the crowd.

Appdreamr offers a solution for Windows Phone developers, though if it succeeds it will likely go beyond the one OS. Appdreamr allows users to submit ideas that they would like to see appearing on their mobile operating system. These apps are referred to as 'dreams', and others can vote on dreams if they approve or disapprove. Developers can then call 'dibs' on a dream, before beginning to develop it.

The site could prove invaluable for developers, since seeing people with an interest in an app could boost their confidence. Not every app is destined to be the next Angry Birds or Temple Run, but if a developer is even sure of a degree of success, then it may be all they need to begin developing. From then onwards they could potentially create a massive success, or plenty of niche apps which prove invaluable to some.

The site's creator, Arian Kulp, had the following to say:

"This isn't just a way to suggest that apps on other platforms are ported, but to be able to pitch a great idea for a new app.  The main audience is for the end-users to dream up the app features and screen mockups, and discuss them.  The expectation is that devs will see the highest-voted app ideas and will want to produce them (less of an unknown if it will succeed).  I envision a community of passionate users dreaming up great concepts, and developers getting popular by implementing them."

Considering that Appdreamr may prove a superb resource for developers lacking ideas, it would be fantastic to see it growing with a passionate community powering all of its elements. If you have an idea or want to develop, it may be worth looking at the site to see if anything fits your own knowledge.

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