Apple being sued because it misrepresents screen resolution on iPhone X, Xs, and Xs Max

A lawsuit filed in the Northern District of California claims that Apple has misrepresented its latest iPhones in regards to the display, mostly because of the notch. The complaint includes the iPhone X, Xs, and Xs Max, and the iPhone Xr is only noted in a couple of footnotes, probably because the full complaint doesn't apply to the device.

One of the key parts of the lawsuit is that Apple misrepresents the notch in marketing. As you can see from the image above, the wallpaper is clearly designed to not show the notch. Since the screen is OLED, the background is true black, making the notch hard to see. The iPhone Xr, however, is an LCD, so the notch is a bit more notable and the marketing images for the device include a full-color image as the wallpaper.

But the key complaint is that Apple misrepresents screen size and resolution. Apple says that the resolution on the iPhone X and Xs is 2,436x1,125, which would normally offer 2,740,500 pixels. However, there aren't any pixels in the notch, and the corners are rounded, so the devices are missing some pixels there as well. Screen size seems to be measured as if the display had sharp corners, so the lawsuit alleges that this is being misrepresented as well.

Moreover, the complaint says that the displays don't use true pixels, which would have red, green, and blue subpixels. Instead, the iPhone displays have just two subpixels per pixel.

The lawsuit is 55 pages long, and it actually claims that at least one of the plaintiffs bought the phone based on the marketing images, thinking that it wouldn't have a notch. You can read the full document below:

Sponchiado & Davis vs A... by on Scribd

Apple offers a 14-day return policy on all devices it sells.

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