Apple drops two new iPad adverts, reminds us why it sells millions of them

If there is one thing that Apple is able to do consistently and effectively, it's marketing. The advertisements put out by the company are always among the best in the industry as they find ways of drawing in an audience and make you forget that you are actually watching a commercial. 

With two new advertisements hitting the airwaves this holiday weekend in the US and abroad, the company is once again pushing its iPad which has sold in huge volumes, but which actually saw a dip in sales last quarter

This time around Apple is using two scenarios - a composer and a writer - to show how the iPad is more than just a consumption device. When the iPad was first launched, it was, at the time, primarily for consuming content but as the hardware has improved, so have the applications and now the iPad is a linear platform for creating music, for writing, and for many other pieces of content. 

You can watch both of the videos that are posted here to see what Apple has been working on, and even if you are not a fan of Apple products, it's hard to argue that these advertisements are not effective. 

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