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Apple iPod line demoted to the accessory shelves

The retail experience at Apple Stores is about to receive a makeover.

The iPod lineup will be removed from the main show floor at Apple Stores, instead favoring a cozy home on the side shelves along with the wall of miscellaneous items. Once the dominating product line for Apple - and in part its return to success, the iPod line has been gradually losing momentum.

While annual updates are a typical part of an Apple product line such as the Mac and iPhone, the iPod line updates have been far and few in between. We reported back in July that the iPod line had received significant upgrades, but even then the company decided to shift focus on its other product line categories.

Instead of hovering over a center table, and asking one of the customer representatives to purchase a certain model of iPod, one can now simply take it off the shelf and checkout instead.

In addition, Apple will remove iPad 2's that were preloaded with product details about Apple products. In place of these "Smart Signs", Apple will load the relevant price information and product specifics onto the displays of Macs, iPhones and iPads. For the Apple Watch product details however, Apple will be setting iPad minis preloaded with the relevant information.

Source: 9to5Mac

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