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Apple is still using Windows XP... in its iPhone 6 testing labs

If you haven't been following the drama that is surrounding the iPhone 6 Plus, the short of it is that a small number of the devices are bending after normal use. Apple said that they have only received nine complaints so far but the company wants the public to know that they do test their products rigorously. 

To push back against the negative PR that the company has received, they let at least one reporter in to their labs to take a look at how phones are tested before the design is approved. To no surprise, Apple does plenty of pressure testing and the issues with the iPhone 6 Plus are an anomaly for a small subset of users.

While we have already seen that Windows helps build Apple products, thanks to this insider look, we can now see that Windows is part of the quality control procedures too. Worryingly, Apple is still using Windows XP in its labs, you know, the same Windows version that is more than a decade old and is no longer supported by Microsoft.

It seems even Apple doesn't like to upgrade its versions of Windows and would rather use outdated software than protect its internal networks with a modern OS.

Image Credit: CNBC

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