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Apple rumor storm: Space Black iPhone 7, wireless earbuds, waterproof Watch 2, and more

As they often do, rumors have been swirling regarding the next version of Apple’s iPhone models and other upcoming products. In this latest batch of leaks and speculation, there are indications that the iPhone 7 will feature a new color, while a future version of the Apple Watch will essentially be waterproof.

According to a Japanese website, the upcoming iPhone 7 models will be ditching the familiar “Space Gray” color scheme and instead offer users a “Space Black” variant. This move will bring the iPhone in line with Apple’s Watch offering, which also features a black model.

And speaking of the Watch, rumors point to the upcoming Watch 2 being almost completely waterproof and featuring a GPS receiver. This latter feature would allow users to use the Watch and track running or cycling sessions without the need to carry a phone with them. A number of existing wearables feature this technology, including Microsoft’s Band 2. However, given Apple Watch’s poor battery life, adding this feature may lead to even shorter times between charges.

As for waterproofing, this would allow the device to track swimming sessions, while also offering it a strong differentiator compared to other fitness devices. The move would also make sense from a design perspective, seeing as both the existing Watch and Apple’s current iPhone offer remarkable resistance to water immersion, despite not touting that feature publicly.

The last you'll ever see of the 3.5mm jack

In fact, the move towards waterproof products has also been blamed for the radical step that Apple is supposedly taking in removing the 3.5mm headphone jack from the next iPhones. Though, much like the iPhone 7, if this rumor is accurate, that argument doesn’t hold much water. We already have a large number of waterproof smartphones that do feature a 3.5mm headphone jack. In either case, Apple is also rumored to be developing its own set of fully wireless ear buds, that would launch alongside the new iPhone.

Finally, the upcoming iPhone, while not ditching the Home button completely – a design change expected in next year’s models – might add haptic feedback for the Home function. The feature would work similarly to the way it does with Force Touch, meaning the button itself would not move, instead offering vibration as feedback.

Note that the company has obviously abstained from commenting or confirming on any of these rumors, and some of them seem more like logical inferences than based in hard fact. To that end, we wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t show up in Apple’s final products, so keep that in mind before you get too excited by any of these features.

Source: 9to5Mac, Macotakara

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