Apple says iPhone users don't mind being on hold, a dig at Verizon

Apple's latest message is that iPhone users don't mind being on hold during a call.

The company pumped out three new adverts over the weekend which focus on the array of iPhone apps available. The first advert entitled "On Hold" demonstrates the ability to use a 3G data connection whilst being placed on hold during a call. The person in the advert states "with the iPhone I don't even mind being on hold" and goes on to check emails, make payments and play games whilst remaining on hold. The advert is a clear attack on Verizon's CDMA network which is unable to transmit calls and data at the same time. Only GSM networks such as AT&T are able to. The main advantage is being able to tether your device on a GSM network and talk at the same time.

The second advert (YouTube) entitled "first steps" focuses on the MMS and phone conference abilities of the iPhone. Various phones have the ability to make conference calls with more than one participant but this is usually phone and network dependant and on most plans you would need to pay extra for this functionality.

The final advert (YouTube) demonstrates various travel applications whilst away from home. The user completes a flight check-in, finds a place to eat and then watches a movie. At the end of the commercial the user then turns off the lights at home using an iPhone app.

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