Apple tablet to be called iSlate?

As Neowin reported two days ago, Apple is rumored to be announcing a tablet device in January. No details have been officially confirmed about the device as of yet, but with numerous rumors flying around, and inside sources confirming, it looks likely that we will see a 7" Apple tablet.

Macrumors found an interesting website whois record showing that Apple once owned the domain name "", a possibly hint towards the name of Apple's new tablet. The domain information has since been changed to "Mark Monitor" a company that protects trademark domains from being taken.

TechCrunch was able to dig deep into similar website domains, searching for the domain name registrant records of, (Japan), (China),,, and many others, all registered to Mark Monitor

Whether the name "iSlate" will be used for the Apple tablet is still in doubt, if there is in fact such a device, it may only be a trademark name they were considering and may not actually use. However likely, Apple is always full of surprises and very good at preventing detailed information from being leaked.

Keep a close watch on Apple announcements in January 2010.

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