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Apple won't be releasing an 'iPhone 6C', analyst claims

A rumored 'iPhone 6C' leaked by Apple itself

Ever since the start of the year, rumors of a refreshed, lower-end C version of the iPhone have been floating around. Now, at least one analyst, says there are no more indications in the supply chain that Apple is working on such a device.

Back in the spring, rumors started swirling that Apple, despite the failure of the iPhone 5C, might try its hand at creating a cheaper model once again. A number of analysts and pundits were seeing indications in the supply chain that Apple was working on a 4-inch “iPhone 6C”, perhaps with an aluminium housing to match its recent handsets.

But now, Timothy Arcuri, an analyst with Cowen and Company, says that all the evidence for such a device has dried up. He speculates that Apple nixed plans for the 6C after seeing how well the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sold. Fearing cannibalization of its own market when it has so much momentum, Apple may have decided to push back the launch of another C model to next year. Last month a report claimed that AU Optronics had won an Apple contract for 4-inch panels so it looks like the device may not be completely abandoned just yet.

While other analysts with strong track records have also agreed that Apple will not be launching a 4-inch model this year, readers should take this whole thing with a grain of salt. The company hasn’t confirmed or denied anything out loud, nor will it judging by its track record. So most of what analysts say is just speculation.

Source: Business Insider

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