Screenshots show redesigned Twitter app, just in time for Windows 10

The Twitter app for Windows 8 has been available for a couple of years now, but it has barely seen an update since its launch. However, new screenshots show that a brand new Windows 10 app is in the works and is likely being released very soon.

The Windows 8 app, currently found in the Store, has almost never received a feature update. Meaning the app is bland and stale and is severely lacking in functionality. But that’s, hopefully, about to change as the app’s new screenshots show a complete redesign.

As you can see, the new app looks familiar but had lots of new elements that get it in line with the rest of the look and feel of Windows 10. It also looks like the new app is much more focused on content like images and videos, showing big previews for all media. Unfortunately there’s not much more we can discern from the images. Hopefully this won’t just be a cosmetic change, but will also bring new features and keep the app on par with its mobile and web versions.

In either case, seeing as we’re barely more than a day away from the official launch of Windows 10, we’re likely to find out all that’s new sooner rather than later. Expect Microsoft and partners to launch updated apps tomorrow, just in time for users to start trying them out.

Source: Windows Store

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