Apple's 2019 iPhones could have an extra camera on the back

The iPhone Xs camera

Apple's 2018 iPhone models haven't performed as well as it had hoped, and the company was forced to temporarily halt the trade of its own shares due to the poor results, with reports also suggesting that production of those models was cut by as much as 10% because of this. But in 2019, Apple isn't backing away from its current strategy, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The news outlet says that Apple will be releasing three iPhone models this year, including a follow-up to the cheaper iPhone Xr. The lower-end option is said to retain the LCD panel of last year's equivalent, keeping the OLED screens exclusive to the higher-end iPhones.

The biggest change known so far is in the camera setup. All three models will see an upgrade in the form of an additional camera on the back, which means the successor to the Xr will have two rear cameras, while the Xs and Xs Max follow-ups will have three. This means that Apple is trying to catch up with competitors on the Android side of things. In 2018, Huawei launched multiple phones with three cameras, and Samsung's Galaxy A9 has four.

Competition is only bound to get fiercer as time goes on, especially as Nokia is apparently planning as many as five rear cameras on its Nokia 9 PureView, with other manufacturers also adding more sensors to their phones. It remains to be seen just how well Apple manages to get back on its feet after falling from the top spot to fourth place in the list of most valuable companies in the world.

Source: WSJ via ZDNet

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