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Apple's first iPhone 5S TV ad airs

While Apple has been running TV commercials promoting the iPhone 5C, and its many colored cases, for a few weeks now, the company only started its TV ad campaign for the iPhone 5S today in the U.S. The first such commercial, which was shown during some NFL games, also seems to have a bit of a bias towards one version in particular.

The clip, which was later uploaded to Apple's YouTube channel, showcases the gold version of the 5S, via an animated sequence that makes it looks like the phone is really being made from liquid gold that's cooled to form the case. The ad doesn't even show that the 5S comes in, admittedly, less exciting sliver and gray.

On Friday, New York Times writer Nick Bilton posted up a note on his Twitter account that, according to an inside source at Apple, the internal code name for the gold iPhone 5s was "The Kardashian Phone." Classy.

Of course, you can get an iPhone 5S with a real gold case from Goldgenie, although it will set you back a few bucks more than the normal $199 price. If your Apple store is fresh out of the gold 5S model, don't worry. As "Raffi Jabarian", Apple's new "VP, Gold" shows in a recent parody video made for the Conan talk show, you can get it right now from his "nephew" for double what it would normally cost, because he likes you. Remember, "gold is best".

Source: Apple on YouTube

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