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Apple's new iPhone 6s has a smaller battery than its predecessor

Concerns over battery life are nothing new when it comes to iPhones. When Apple launched its iPhone 6 and 6 Plus last year, many were disappointed that the company had become obsessed with focused on making the handsets slimmer, rather than addressing an issue that so many of its customers had complained about for so long.

Unfortunately, Apple's latest iPhones don't bring the big batteries that so many users have craved either - in fact, we know that at least one of the two new handsets has a smaller battery than its predecessor.

As MacRumors pointed out, Apple's promotional video for the 3D Touch display on its new iPhone 6s includes a CGI 'break-away' of the device, which pulls apart to reveal its inner components. At one point, its battery is visible, clearly showing a capacity of 1715mAh - down from the 1810mAh battery in the earlier iPhone 6.

No similar confirmation has yet been established for the larger iPhone 6s Plus, although it's believed that the new device has a smaller 2750mAh battery than the 2910mAh unit in last year's iPhone 6 Plus.

The most probable key factor in the decision to reduce battery size was the 3D Touch screen, which - with its complex architecture, driven by Apple's 'Taptic Engine' - takes up a lot of space inside the device. To avoid making its new iPhones too chunky, Apple apparently chose to make room for 3D Touch by making the handset's battery smaller.

However, Apple's quoted battery life for the iPhone 6s is identical to its predecessor, so it seems the company has been able to offset any potential loss of battery life in the new handset by optimizing its performance - on paper, at least. We'll have to wait and see how it performs in the real world - but it seems likely that the days of people complaining about their iPhones' battery life aren't over just yet.

Source: MacRumors

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