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The Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max could reportedly offer better battery life

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There is still a lot of time before this year's iPhone 16 series debuts. However, leaks and rumors have been surfacing on the internet quite often. Dummy units of the iPhone 16 models have already leaked a while ago, showcasing the design of the entire lineup and, more importantly, highlighting the vertical camera module on the iPhone 16 and 16 Plus.

Later, another set of iPhone 16 series dummy units gave a peek at how Apple may slim down the MagSafe components on the back of the phone. Besides, Apple is rumored to be using color-infused glass on standard iPhone 16 models. In the camera department, Apple is speculated to use a new coating technology to reduce the problem of lens flare.

Recently, we have reported that Apple's display partners will start producing the displays for the iPhone 16 series next month. The iPhone 16 and the iPhone 16 Pro models are projected to have a higher production volume among the entire lineup.

Now, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the powerhouse, iPhone 16 Pro Max could offer better battery life than its previous year's model. Reportedly, Apple will include battery cells with increased energy density, which will offer either longer battery life with the same size battery as previous models or similar battery life using a smaller battery. Earlier, it was reported that Apple could use bigger batteries in some of the iPhone 16 models.

Kuo added that the energy density (Wh/Kg) on the iPhone 16 Pro Max will increase, which "has the benefit of longer battery life with the same battery size or lower battery size with the same battery life." Moreover, Kuo says that for the first time, Apple will be using a stainless steel battery casing to avoid overheating the battery. He says,

Stainless steel is not as effective as aluminum in dissipating heat, but it is more robust and less susceptible to corrosion. The use of a stainless steel battery case also reduces the difficulty of removing the battery, which will help Apple comply with the European Union's requirements for mobile phone batteries' replaceability in the future.

It is reported that Sunway will be a major supplier of the stainless steel battery cases for the Apple iPhone 16 Pro Max. Kuo says that if this works, then a stainless steel battery casing could be adopted for the entire iPhone 17 lineup next year.

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