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Arkane's Deathloop is finally available on Xbox Series X|S

The time loop action of Deathloop first reached PC and PlayStation 5 almost exactly a year ago, with original publisher Bethesda skipping out on Xbox due to a console exclusivity deal with Sony. The deal persisted even after Microsoft acquired all of Bethesda and its studios, but finally, Arkane Games' latest experience is now available on Xbox Series X and S consoles.

The critically acclaimed title puts players into the shoes of Colt, an assassin stuck inside a time loop until he finishes taking out all his targets in a single run. A rival assassin, Julianna, is hunting Colt in the same space. Aside from the studio's popular immersive sim gameplay in single-player, Deathloop also offers an optional multiplayer aspect, where another player can invade the campaign as Julianna.

Arkane also released a brand-new update titled Goldenloop today across all platforms. This carries a new target-confusing Fugue ability, an energy rifle that can bounce its beam across turrets and security cameras, and a new type of enemy called the Paint-Bomber. Four new upgrade options for Julianna, new trinkets, secrets, cross-play, and most interestingly, an extended ending is included here as well.

Deathloop screenshot

Deathloop is now available on Xbox Series X|S, PC, and PlayStation 5. The Xbox-published game reached gaming subscriptions today too, and surprisingly, this includes Sony's services. Both Xbox and PC Game Pass as well as PS Plus Extra members can now jump into the game at no extra cost.

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