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Bethesda-published Deathloop and Ghostwire: Tokyo will be PS5 timed exclusives

During the Sony PlayStation 5 event today, Bethesda showcased gameplay and dropped more information on two upcoming games it is publishing, Ghostwire: Tokyo and Deathloop. Surprisingly, it was revealed that two action games will be skipping out on the Xbox family of consoles, releasing only on the PlayStation 5 and PC. Xbox Series X could get the games at a later time, however.

Some may remember that both of these titles were announced during E3 last year, but today we got to see gameplay of the duo. Check out Arkane Lyon's Deathloop trailer above and Tango Gameworks' Ghostwire: Tokyo trailer below.

Deathloop presents the story of two supernaturally gifted assassins, Colt and Julianna Blake, that are stuck on a timeloop on the island of Blackreef. Colt wants to kill certain targets and end the loop, while Julianna wants the loop to continue, and the twist is that both parties are playable characters.

While during a campaign run players will be trying to stop the loop as Colt, they may invade another player's campaign and take the antagonist role to mess with the Colt of that world. This multiplayer component can be disabled, making an AI take over Julianna's sabotaging duties. As expected from Arkane, the characters will have different powerbases, from teleporting and hacking to taking over appearances of NPCs to blend in.

Meanwhile, Ghostwire: Tokyo takes place in a world where 99% of the population has disappeared, and there are spirits that have been left behind that players must eradicate using their supernatural elemental abilities while trying to solve the mystery behind the missing population. Instead of guns, players will be utilizing a combo-based hand gesture system to cast spells and take down their enemies, which is described as "karate meets magic."

Deathloop will be released on the PlayStation 5 as well as on PC this holiday season. Ghostwire: Tokyo is planned to launch sometime in 2021 and is also coming to PlayStation 5 and PC.

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