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Ati caught cheating ? (Shock, Horror!)

Computerbase.de is a company in Germany that keeps itself busy watching the IT market. Computerbase.de posted up an article that claims an optimizer can be found in the new driver for the new ATi X800- line. I'm sure that some people will remember the problems the NVIDIA team had with drivers on the new Nvidia FX line, looks like ATI have made the same mistake.

It looks like ATI has built in an optimizer that allows it to disable the triliniar function when it is explicitly requested by a program or game. Instead, it makes a mix of biliniar and triliniar. To the naked eye you hardly see the difference but it takes alot of GPU power from the function so the scores will be higher than the 'normal' triliniar mode.

Is history repeating it self again?

News source: Computerbase.de article : translated (English) | and in German

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