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AT&T soliciting its iPhone users; offers 1000 bonus minutes [Update]

AT&T has lost its exclusive hold on the iPhone and now looks to be doing nearly anything it can to keep iPhone users happy. Last week, AT&T offered iPhone customers a 20% off coupon on accessories and this week they are giving customers 1000 bonus rollover minutes.

While these gestures are all in good faith, it does send a very mixed signal to every other user on AT&T who is not holding an iPhone. Because of this, one must wonder if AT&T will show the same love to those who are now holding a Windows Phone 7 device when Verizon and Sprint finally land the platform. [Update] It appears that consumers not using the iPhone have gotten the same text, but it looks like this may be the first time the offer has been extended to iPhone users.

If your an AT&T user, check your text messages for the above text. 9to5mac reports that messages have been going out and the 1000 bonus minutes are being offered for free without any other stipulation. If you're one of the millions on AT&T who are not using an iPhone, you too can check your text messages, but don't expect anything to happen anytime soon.

AT&T must be feeling the heat since Verizon landed their flagship device. They have recently unveiled new commercials and promotions to entice their iPhone users to stay, but one thing many people forget, not many are willing to break contract just to switch carriers. The real affect of Verizon getting the iPhone will felt over the next 24 months as AT&T iPhone contracts expire and consumers finally have a choice for their carrier.

Image Credit: 9to5mac

[Update] We are hearing reports that anyone on AT&T with a smartphone who texts that number will get the free minutes too. At this time we have not heard if customers who are not iPhone users are receiving the text.

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