AT&T to also offer unlimited data plan, starting at $100 per month

This week has seen the reintroduction of unlimited data plans by almost all the major carriers in the US, with the last remaining player now joining the party. AT&T, which did offer an unlimited plan exclusively to DirecTV customers previously, has now expanded its availability to all customers.

Starting tomorrow, all AT&T customers will be able to migrate to an unlimited data plan that starts at $100 a month for the first line. Adding another line will cost an extra $40 until the fourth line, which will be free. In comparison, Sprint's offer costs only $65, while T-Mobile's One plan and Verizon's plan have price tags of $70 and $85 (including taxes), respectively.

Included in the plan are unlimited data, calls, texting, and HD Video (this will, however, require turning off Stream Saver, which AT&T turns on by default). There is still a cap of 22GB per month, like other carriers, after which your connection will not be throttled but will instead be deprioritised in case of excessive traffic in your general vicinity.

Alongside being the most expensive of all the plans offered, AT&T's offering also lacks one key feature offered by its competitors: tethering. While all the other carriers offer up to 10GB of data via LTE tethering, AT&T offers none.

Source: PR Newswire via Engadget

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