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Battlefield 2042 Season 7 will be the last as EA works on new games in the series

Battlefield 2042 Season 7 Preview

In March, developer DICE and publisher Electronic Arts released the Season 7 content update, titled Turning Point, for its near-future military shooter Battlefield 2042. As it turned out, Turning Point was an appropriate name for that Season as it will be the last such update for the game.

In a post on the Battlefield website, Byron Beede, the general manager for the series at EA, stated that the game will continue to be updated with new in-game challenges, patches, modes, and events. However, the major content updates, which included new maps, weapons, and vehicles, have ended.

Beede added:

We know this news may be disappointing. However, as we looked at what the future of the series required, it became clear it was time for us to shift our resources and focus to be fully dedicated to what comes next.

As I’ve mentioned in previous updates, we have an ambitious vision to embrace and unlock the vast potential of the series’ class-based squadplay and immersive, intense battles.

In February, EA announced mass layoffs that totaled 5 percent of its total workforce. As part of those changes, the company also shut down a recently formed development studio in Seattle, Ridgeline, which was supposed to create new single-player games in the Battlefield series.

Despite that studio closure, EA stated at the time that it had "the largest Battlefield team in the franchise's history." In today's post, Beede added that EA's studios at DICE, Criterion, Ripple Effect, and now Motive all have teams working on Battlefield-based projects.

Those teams are "building a Battlefield universe across connected multiplayer experiences and single-player" and Beede looks "forward to the day that we can tell you more about what's coming next." It remains to be seen if EA's new efforts in the Battlefield series will be successful.

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