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Battlefield 2042 Season One delivers a mountainous map, a new Specialist, and more

Battlefield 2042 Season 1 Zero Hour screenshot

DICE is finally ready to take its latest shooter Battlefield 2042 to Season 1 after a rather extended delay due to launch issues. Titled Zero Hour, the season consists of a major content update as well as free and premium battle pass tracks, and it's all landing on Thursday, June 9.

Dropping in as the first new map since launch, Exposure is an environment based on the Canadian Rockies featuring extreme vertical terrain to fight around. There is a big emphasis on ground to air combat and close quarters infantry encounters, as can be seen in the reveal trailer above. Like the launch maps, this will support 128-player battles.

Coming alongside the map is the Specialist Ewelina Lis, who is described as a vehicle killing expert. She carries a guided missile launcher for taking down targets with better accuracy. Plus, her Armor Hunter ability automatically spots any enemy vehicles near her for picking out easy targets.

As for new hardware, there are the RAH-68 Huron and YG-99 Hannibal stealth gunships with radar deflection abilities, as well as a new crossbow and a marksman rifle.

Battlefield 2042 Season 1 Zero Hour screenshot
The new 'Exposure' ​​​​​map

Earlier today, DICE also released a massive bug fixing update that brought the game's version number back to 1.0. It carried a suite of improvements to soldier animations, net code for better hit registration, further ways to earn XP, and much more. Catch the complete patch notes here.

DICE is also planning major overhauls of existing maps to make the gameplay flow better, with it bringing in more cover options, improved destruction mechanics, sector changes. Unfortunately, any future maps coming to Battlefield 2042 starting with Season 2 will only support 64 players, while current maps are being tweaked to better support the smaller player number.

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