Besides the NX, Nintendo also reportedly working on portable 'MH' console

Nintendo is developing a new mobile games console, seemingly codenamed “MH”. This is a different project to the NX, Nintendo’s upcoming big console, destined to take on the PlayStation Neo and Xbox One.

The news comes from a Yahoo Japan report, which mentions the NX and MH consoles in the context of the upcoming hardware’s contribution to the company’s bottom line. Unfortunately, there’s isn’t any extra info available on the MH.

Nintendo has a long and proud history of handheld gaming devices, with the Nintendo 2DS seeing a significant price drop recently. It’s perhaps no surprise then that the company is planning on releasing new hardware in this space. What is interesting is that unlike its previous console, where the Wii U’s controller was meant to also be a mobile gaming device, the upcoming NX and MH consoles seem to be wholly separate as of now.

With regard to the NX, we know that the new console is slated for release in March of next year. Nintendo has also mentioned a number of times now that the NX is a “brand new concept”, not based on a previous idea and it's even rumored that the NX might use cartridges. Here’s hoping the MH is a brand new concept as well and infuses some life into the world of handheld consoles.

In either case, it's hoped that Nintendo will release more info publicly about its console plans around the same time that Microsoft and Sony might unveil their new consoles at E3.

Source: Yahoo Japan Via: MyNintendoNews

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