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Bill Gates' resumé from 1974 shows that he wanted a salary of $15,000

At some point in your professional career, you will have to make a resume to help sell yourself to a company and work for the man. Bill Gates, who was not always the Chairman of Microsoft, had to create a resumé early on in his career, when he was looking for a job as a system analyst or programmer.

The image you see above shows the resumés of Bill Gates and Paul Allen, who of course both founded Microsoft. The resumés are from 1974 and while we can not see the entire page, we can make out that Bill and Paul both included their height, weight and if they were married. For anyone who has dabbled in the world of Human Resources, you would know that including these bits of information on your resumé would go against common practices today.

The basic resumés show how times have changed as they appear to be on plain white paper, use a basic font and were likely typed on a typewriter as well. At the time, Bill Gates was only 18 and Allen, 21,  they were looking for programming jobs (no surprise) and were willing to move anywhere to obtain them.

Finally, if you adjust the $15,000 figure for inflation, it comes out to about $76,000 in 2013.

These two snapshots represents a time before Allen and Gates became household names and it shows a small glimpse of their lives before they made their wealth.

Source: LivingComputer

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