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Bing adds new snapshot categories to rival Google's Knowledge Graph

In May, Google took the covers off a new Internet search feature called Knowledge Graph. The idea was to present Google users with instant facts about people, places and things without having to always click to a link on a search page result to find answers to questions. Today, Microsoft announced it was adding a similar feature to its own Bing search service.

The official Bing blog offers up information about this new feature, which has been incorporated into the middle "snapshot" search results column. In the past, the middle column has been used to offer up relevant search results, such as reviews for a restaurant. Today, Microsoft announced that the middle snapshot column will now be used to bring up information on certain people and places.

The blog states:

Now when you search for a famous person, celebrity or place, we will present relevant facts about that person in the center part of the screen so you can quickly find what you’re looking for without having to click through to another site or page. We’ve now expanded the snapshot to cover famous people and places as well as made updates to include different sources including reviews and new modes of interaction. Right on the main results page, you can make more informed decisions about topics related to people.

The blog adds that in the case of well known celebrities, the "snapshot" information that shows up in a Bing search result can be constantly updated with lists of recent news and recent works, along with links to other celebrities that are relevant to the one a person is searching for.

Source: Bing blog | Image via Microsoft

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