Bing Chat will add "smooth scrolling" for better eye tracking of messages

A look at the new AI chatbot inside Microsoft Bing

Microsoft continues to expand the number of people who are testing the new Bing Chat service. Earlier this week, the company issued a sizable update to the chatbot and added the final version of its Bing Chat Modes Selector. However, a request for a small but important update from a Bing Chat user will also be added at some point.

Twitter user "max77sabers" messaged Microsoft's Mikhail Parakhin and Mike Davidson to request "smooth scrolling" in Bing Chats. This feature is already available on most major web browsers to let users scroll down a web page. They no longer have to deal with experiencing choppy movements on those pages.

"max77sabers" points out in his Twitter post:

as Bing is "talking" and the text has to scroll once it runs out of space, the scrolling isn't animated and it's hard and unpleasant for your eyes/brain having to do the work and try to track the scrolling. This might sound like minor polish but it's actually very important!

He quickly got a response from Parakhin, who said that "smooth scrolling" will be added:

There's no word on when this feature will be added, but it's always good to know Microsoft's Bing Chat team is open to this kind of feedback.

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