Bing shines some light into its black box, gives guidance on SEO

Search engines have always been a bit of a mystery about how they work and there is good reason for that. Google and Bing have massive databases of content and depending on your search criteria, this will surface different results. The ability to make sure your content is on your preferred search query is called 'search engine optimization' (SEO) and Bing is giving better insight into its process about how it ranks content.

Search engine optimization is a bit of guesswork and a spoonful of science. Because Google and Bing keep how their services work a secret, trying to figure out how to optimize your site for best search rankings requires trial and error. Knowing this, those who figure out how to strategically climb search ranking position for key terms charge high fees for their SEO services. It's because of how the SEO market works, Bing's post on SEO for it's own engine is profound.

Bing rates content on three pillars, as it calls them, and they include authority, utility and presentation. Bing also takes into account the layout of your site as well. If you fill your site with tons of ads, Bing will knock you down in the rankings (Google does this too). You can hit the source link below for a low-ish level look at how Bing rates content for search results but know that it is not a perfect guide on how to game Bing for higher placement.

While the post stops short about how it rates content with a high number of links (or no links at all) and other media embeds, it has just enough information to get started with optimizing your site for Bing but not enough to exploit their search algorithms.

Source: Bing

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