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Sony hackers demand cancellation of the 'movie of terrorism'

Dilemma for Sony continues as the hacking group, #GOP (Guardians of Peace) now demands to halt the release of 'The Interview' -a comedy film starring Seth Rogen and James Franco. The movie is reportedly controversial among North Koreans because it features a plot by the CIA to assassinate their country's leader, Kim Jong-un. Even though analysts still suspect North Korea of backing the hacking group, a diplomat from the country has denied North Korea's involvement in the issue but also claimed the origin of the attack to be the 'righteous deed of supporters and sympathisers'.

Following the ​leak of the contact info and aliases of various Hollywood actors a couple of days ago, the hackers have demanded 'to stop immediately showing the movie of terrorism which can break the regional peace and cause the War!' A part of the letter, once again written in broken English can be seen below.

As can be seen from the photo above, the group has interestingly denied involvement in the threatening emails sent to Sony employees last week, which leads to speculation of exactly how many groups or individuals are taking advantage of the issue. Moreover, #GOP has also mentioned making 'clear demand to the management of Sony' which were ignored, no reports about these alleged demands have surfaced.

The group has boasted that 'You, Sony and FBI cannot find us', Sony is reportedly actively working with the FBI to apprehend the hackers who have caused an enormous amount of damage to the company leaking internal documents, unreleased movies, sensitive data, contact info and personal information of employees.

Moving forward, it is highly unlikely if Sony will cancel the release of the movie which is slated for a Dec 25 release.

Source: NBC News, KCNA Watch |Images via NBC News, Bloomberg

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