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Thought the $1,000 iPod was ridiculous? Well this rare iPod sold for $90,000 USD

While we thought selling a discontinued iPod for $1,000 USD was insane, it looks like someone has stepped up the insanity by selling a discontinued iPod for $90,000 USD. That's right, this eBay seller sold a limited edition sealed iPod Classic 4th generation U2 edition for $90,000 dollars.

Although items that are discontinued generally depreciate and lose value over time, it looks like some Apple products still retain or gain value as time passes. Now, this doesn't mean you can go digging in your closet to look for that outdated 1st generation iPod Nano and expect thousands of dollars in return.

Naturally, the 'theappleipodbay' storefront seems to supply rare Apple goodies, which are generally sealed or have their original packaging in mint condition. While you might not be interested in purchasing any of these items, it's interesting to see how many different kinds of limited edition iPod's that were created over the years.

But, if you do have some extra cash lying around and are in the market for some vintage and hard to find Apple items, look no further.

Source: eBay via Mashable

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