BioShock Infinite "looks beautiful on PC", says Levine

As gamers wait a few more months before the long awaited BioShock Infinite is released, Ken Levine, the head of the game's development team at Irrational Games, said during a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" session that the game "looks beautiful on PC".

Levine added that there is a dedicated team working on the PC port of the game. He added:

Our first priority is making sure that it feels like a game that is at home on the PC. Chris Kline our director of tech, has been driving this process. We're very sensitive (after getting a well deserved reaming once before) on the issues of widescreen and mouse acceleration. We also want to make sure that the fans have effortless access to the game, so we're using Steam's standard DRM. People have asked before if we're using GFWL and/or SecuRom, and we are not.

Meanwhile, publisher 2K Games has released the first few minutes of BioShock Infinite on YouTube. You might want to bypass the video if you want to be completely surprised by what happens, but let's just say that fans of the original BioShock game might have some nice memories after watching it. BioShock Infinite is now due for release on March 26th.

Source: Reddit

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