BitDemon brings online play to PC, PS2, Xbox

Network middleware has announced the launch of the first BitDemon 1.0. This software is designed to make the stage of adding networked multiplayer to PC, PS2 and Xbox games easier. BitDemon's network multiplayer software also allows modem networking games, client-side prediction, interpolation, extrapolation, delta compression and many other advanced features.

"In this era of advanced graphics and online play, studios are under more pressure than ever to meet the expectations of their fans," commented demonWare CTO Sean Blanchfield. "We efficiently solve the online development challenge for these companies, and allow them to focus on improving gameplay instead." "BitDemon 1.0 has been painstakingly developed in close cooperation with its target market," he continued, "and is the first software product to provide all the cutting-edge techniques that take so long to develop and re-invent in-house." In this time, BitDemon is available on the PS2, PC and Xbox and the company is working on a PSP implementation. Be sure to view more news on this latest network addition.

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