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Blizzard: No Consoles in the Future?

During an interview over at GamesIndustry.biz, Itzik Bassat, vice president of business development over at Blizzard said nine astonishing words, with some explanations wedged on either side. Instead of giving a direct answer to whether WoW would be available for the console, Bassat decided to give a very general overview of his thoughts. Ok console gamers. Breathe. If the title has been too much so far, don't read the whole quote:

"The PC is becoming an entertainment hub, you use it to watch videos and TV, play games, listen to music... With wireless, you can send your content from your PC to anywhere in the house, to your TV, something I already do. You can play PC on your TV because it's an LCD screen. Consoles are becoming sophisticated PCs which sit in the living room... We'll have to see how all this develops. Maybe in five years you won't need a console because you'll have one PC which delivers content all over your house."

News source: ExtremeTech

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