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Blizzard nukes another 76,000 morons from World of Warcraft

Blizzard Entertainment announced earlier today that they had laid the smack down on more than 76,000 hacking idiots in that little known MMORPG World of Warcraft. In addition to the bans, Blizzard also nuked 11 million gold from the game's economy in Europe, Korea and the US. Thus helping us regular users to continue our addiction with less gold farming idiots to compete with and of course less of those wonderful super leveling service spam mails we all love now. Good riddance to bad cyber rubbish I say. Good on you Blizzard, and keep it up.
Here is what Blizzard had to say:
In our continued efforts to combat cheating in World of Warcraft, more than 76,000 accounts were closed and 11 million gold was removed from the game economies in Europe, Korea, and the US in the month of September. The closed accounts were associated with activities that violate World of Warcraft's Terms of Use, such as using third-party programs that allow cheating, and farming gold and items. These types of activities can severely impact the economy of a realm and the overall game enjoyment for all players.
Blizzard's popular MMORPG has nearly 7 million subscribers currently and the first expansion titled The Burning Crusade just entered into beta (with the NDA lifted no less) over the past day or so. The Burning Crusade will be out sometime later this year (we hope) and will offer a ton of new content and changes to the overall game.
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