Brave Search now has answers to your questions using a large language model

The Summarizer in Brave Search

Since ChatGPT launched in November, every big tech company has been pursuing their own large language model solutions to keep itself relevant. Now, the Brave Search engine (from the same company as the Brave browser) has incorporated a large language model to produce answers to your search queries. The new feature is called the Summarizer and it should drastically improve your search results.

Unlike ChatGPT which is notorious for outputting incorrect information, Summarizer gets its data from search results. The large language model (LLM) then takes this more accurate information and provides you with an answer in coherent language, easy for anyone to understand.

To ensure that the original creators of content are respected properly, Brave has taken the decision to always cite links it uses for the answer in the Summarizer section so that users can click through to learn more about the result. Brave said that linking to websites ensures the rightful attribution of information and helps mitigate “the authority biases of large language models.”

While Summarizer is quite useful, some users may not want to see it at the top of their results. If you’re one of these people, you can switch it off from Brave Search’s settings page. If you were missing Google’s snippet answers then Summarizer is a good replacement.

One of the other big limitations of ChatGPT is that it doesn’t have access to newer bits of information. As Summarizer uses web results, it can provide answers with real-time information that’s up to date with today’s events.

Apart from providing a summary at the top of your results, you should also see bolded text within the snippets of the results related to your query. It’s important to note that Brave warns that the AI may produce incorrect information.

The Brave Summarizer is now available in Brave Search for everyone. To try it just type an answerable query and your Summarizer result should appear at the top of the results page.

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