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Call of Duty 3 "Valor" map pack - take two

So all of you who plunked down the big 800 MS points last week to buy the "Valor" map pack for Call of Duty 3 and then got a nice present when you tried playing them, you can feel a bit better now. The broken map pack is now unbroken and works fine. A week later, along with a small patch for Call of Duty 3 itself, you can now play the 5 new maps in the pack. And yes, the free map made available about 2 weeks ago works with the map pack, so everyone is happy. While some are calling for refunds on the MS point, I think most would agree they just wanted the maps to work. Now they do. I picked them up earlier today and I must say, they are very nice. Here is what Axis0f3vil on the Xbox forums had to say about the new release of the map pack:

Hi Call of Duty 3 fans:

Thank you for your patience as we worked to resolve the issue surrounding the Valor map pack.  We are happy to announce that we have resolved it, and that the map pack is now fully available for download over Xbox Live Marketplace.  We have also released a Title Update which, in addition to addressing the map pack, also remedies key issues regarding Ranked Lobbies and Ranked Matches that some users have experienced.
If you downloaded the Map Pack on January 18, please download the new Title Update which resolves these issues.  If for any reason you deleted the Valor Map Pack after your purchase, you are entitled to re-download it without charge.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you, and look forward to playing you in the new maps!

-- Call of Duty team

So go forth my allied brothers, go forth, download (or redownload as it were) the maps and go kill people! Just a reminder, there are five (5) maps included in the pack, and the pack is about 850 megs in size.

View: Original Story @ Xboxic
Link: Xbox Forum Post "Annoucement"

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