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Canary build of Google Chrome tells you which tab is playing audio


Ever had lots of tabs open in Chrome and can't find which one is playing audio? Well the latest Canary build of Google Chrome solves that problem by letting you see which one is being noisy by showing an audio animation in the tab; the feature seems to work across many plugins including flash websites.

François Beaufort who first spotted the feature in Chromium notes that actual purpose of the tweak is to exclude these tabs from those it discards when memory runs out. This will allow Chrome to better track the tabs that are actually "active", however, we are sure it will be very helpful for those annoyed by unknown audio sources. Beaufort also recorded this video below to show off the feature; you can clearly see the animation in the tab that's playing audio placed over the favicon.

There's no guarantee that this will make it to a final version of Chrome but it seems likely due to the positives it can bring to users. You can download the latest Canary build right here.

Source: The Next WebFrançois Beaufort

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