CES 2020: A tour of Panasonic's booth at the show

Panasonic's booth is always one that's worth stopping by at CES. The company always has some interesting things that are a bit different than the normal tech gadgets that we cover. For example, in the image that you see above, two people were playing table tennis and the ball was being tracked in real time, and the track of the ball was displayed in the projection on the wall.

Another thing that Panasonic showed me was some technology for commercial aircrafts. Something that you might not realize about Panasonic is that it's a big part of supplying Wi-Fi to airplanes, but it does more than that. The company showed me a 43-inch display that it wants to put in seats, and new noise cancelation technologies that will make you feel more refreshed after a flight.

The company also had a lot of interesting electric vehicles. There was an electric Harley Davidson motorcycle, but that's not all. There was even an electric fire truck, although the fire truck is just a concept, and it's not on the road just yet. It's interesting to see companies pushing the boundaries of hat electric vehicles can do as we push toward a gas-less future.

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