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CES Impression - Ready for 3D at home?

From Intel to Sony, Samsung to Panasonic, Nvidia to countless other large and small companies alike, the idea of 3D making it's way into your living room television or PC is apparently something the tech and gaming world believes we all need.

In a recent thread on the forums, I had heard of Sony's possible plans of enabling 3D on the PS3. I actually thought it was just them and perhaps one or two other companies who would be pushing 3D, just as there are a few companies year in and year out who do so. However being at CES this past week, it is crystal clear that many companies believe we all should have 3D in our living rooms and/or our computers, and have it soon.

I do admit, up until this past week, I was definitely of the belief that 3D in the home was just an after thought that would never actually pick up. However, getting to see some of the tech in all it's glory these past few days, I have to say I am at least starting to believe it may not only be such a bad thing after-all, but it very well may wind up being something worth checking out, for those of us who can at least.

The largest issue by far I am hearing about 3D in the home is little to none of the current TV's or other components that we all already own can support it. Many of the previously mentioned companies are actually quite vague about just exactly how their vision of 3D will be delivered, with Sony being the extreme example, using TV's built just for the show on previously non existing tech, meaning none of their previous television models can do 3D, or say they say. I was told during my demonstration that their 3D is actually just a proof of concept, and they are not even sure if they will release it, they just wanted to show that it could be done if they wanted. Seems like a lot of work for something they do not plan to release, so I would say it is safe to say they will release it, and their 3D was actually one of if not the most impressive ones I have viewed. Wipeout HD in 3D was absolutely stellar in action, and the depth of the 3D was indeed incredibly impressive.

In fact, most of the 3D I was fortunate enough to check out in action all looked incredibly good. Some more-so than others, but overall I do admit it was all better than I expected.

After the initial impression fades, reality then sets in. First off, if these companies are indeed telling the truth, and current TV's cannot support their 3D solution, how many casual watchers of Television are going to be willing to fork over thousands of dollars on a new TV just for 3D itself. Then there is the question of can you really see yourself and your entire family all sitting around the TV on movie or game night all with the never cool looking glasses that are required to see the 3D? Some of the glasses actually seemed like they were going to also have a hefty price tag just for the glasses themselves, so even if an entire family is willing to all sit around with the glasses on, in this touch economy can or would they be willing to fork over the cash needed for glasses for the entire family in addition to whatever new TV or components they need to purchase?

So I do believe that although we very well may not see it anytime soon, 3D in the home is something that will indeed become a reality sooner than later. If it is successful and practical is literally the million dollar question for these companies that remains to be answered. My guess is we may find out by the end of this upcoming year if it even has the potential to take off, and I do believe it will still be a good few years before it becomes common place if it indeed does.

So what do you think Neowin? Ready for 3D in your Home? Do you want it? Do you even care? Discuss and dissect.

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