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Gaming reality TV show to premiere in March

12 Strangers. 1 House. They battle to see who stays. If that sounds oh to familiar, that's because it is. It is the formula that has fueled Reality TV shows since their inception. However a new twist is being applied to this tried and true formula. This time around, the occupants of the house are Top Gamers from all over the United States. Presenting WGC Ultimate Gamer, a new reality TV Show featuring gamers.

Premiering this March on the Sci-Fi Network, the World Cyber Gamers begins its search for the "Best All-Around Gamer" in the United States. According to the marketing material at their booth at this year's CES, 12 top gamers will live together and battle one another in a series of competitions that will take them beyond the game. The gamers will take part in real-life challenges inspired by top selling games to elimination matches before hundreds of screaming spectators. The gamer that remains at the end of the competition after eight grueling weeks will have "survived the ultimate test."

The winning gamers will win $100,000 in cash, and what is being labeled an "ultimate Samsung electronics package." Winners will have the chance to become the WGC VIP, where they'll represent the world's largest video game organization at events all over the world, including the 2009 Grand Final being held in China.

Although I am sure they are known in the gaming world, I have to be honest and and admit that while I watched the trailer playing in their booth, I cannot say I actually recognized many of the gamers, if any at all. Actually the only one I did recognize was some girl who is known to be a good Guitar Hero player. So truth be told, while I am extremely skeptical that this show can actually do anything for the true gaming community, if Sci-Fi's previous reality shows are any indication, at the very least it should have at least a few moments of not so typical entertainment.

Currently no information on the show can be found online, but for more information in the near future, check out the Sci-Fi Network's website.

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