Check out a PS4 getting destroyed with a .50 cal rifle at 50k FPS

We know a lot of you reading this might be waiting in line right now at your local retail store to pick up your $400 PlayStation 4 console later tonight. We know that some of you will have that same console from Sony shipped to your doorstep on Friday. If that's the case, then you may want to turn away from this story because someone managed to get a PS4 before the launch date ... and then proceeded to destroy it on camera.

The RatedRR channel on YouTube has been taking videos of hardware devices getting shattered by high powered weapons for some time. Indeed, the channel has been busy for the past few segments shooting up Xbox 360 consoles. Today, the latest video shows host Richard Ryan doing the same to the PS4, which he says came to his doorstep a couple of days early.

The clip shows Ryan doing the console some major damage with the .50 cal Barrett Model 82A1 sniper rifle (he would have used his many machine guns but apparently they were not available in time for the shoot). The first shot, with Ryan standing up and firing, shows the bullet going through the PS4 cleanly and knocking it down. It's when Ryan sits down and shoots the console again that things get messy. The video shows the bullet going through the PS4, at 50,000 frames per second, and basically exploding it from within. Ouch. That's not how we thought about playing with a console that costs $400 but to each his own.

Source: RatedRR on YouTube via CNET

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