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China fires back at Google by blocking Hong Kong search results

When Google took the first step and stopped filtering its results for China, the world knew that China would not sit back and take no action.  Early on Tuesday morning China began blocking access to or filtering results from google.com.hk.

According to the New York Times, China Mobile, China’s largest mobile operator, is expected to cancel its deal with Google that provides search services on its cellular devices.  Because of government pressure, the mobile operator will be forced to abandon its agreement with Google, which for Google, could be a large blow to its daily volume of searches as China has one of the largest cell phone markets in the world.

Google and China have been going head to head ever since Google went public with its complaint that Chinese hackers were targeting their systems and trade secrets.  While the Chinese deny that they have anything to do with the attacks, loose ties have been made to the government. 

Google is continuing to hold strong on its promise to pull out of China if it could not reach an agreement to deliver unfiltered results to its citizens.  Its more than likely that the cat and mouse game between Google and China will continue for some time, but for now, Google has stood by its words. 

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