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CnetTV Beta - A fresh feel to Flash based Internet TV

Flash video isn't new to the internet, YouTube and Google video brought it to the masses and many people spend hours watching the content.

CnetTV have launched their Flash video service with their own content to make viewing of their videos a better experience.

The interface is very clean and easy to use, they have custom play lists and a custom channel which you can set to populate with videos you are interested in, but the most compelling part for me is the video quality/ Flash video has never been very impressive in the past, usually its blocky, very poor resolution and generally low quality, but not here, the videos are crisp and a reasonable resolution for watching on your PC.

Link: CNet TV
News source: Mark Andrews Weblog

CNet TV is currently in Beta so it requires you to be a CNet member (which is free and instant), but once it goes final it will not require a signup.

Hats off to CNet for this one

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